Food Industries

Opportunities in progress

Orascom Investment Holding is targeting the food industries sector to fill a market gap by providing high-quality competitive products.

With Africa's domestic food market estimated by the World Bank to increase threefold from USD 13 billion today to USD 1 trillion by 2030, coupled with a largely under-developed agro- and food-processing sector, the Egyptian and African food industries present enormous potential for growth. Building on Orascom Investment Holding’s experience in penetrating and adding value to new markets and industries, the company is eyeing the food industries sector to further diversify its investment portfolio.

Orascom Investment Holding is looking into the production of a variety of food-related products. The company plans on maximizing the processing efficiency through reducing the waste of raw materials post production. With an eye on the Egyptian and African markets in the food industries sector, Orascom Investment Holding is targeting to fill a market gap through local production of high-quality competitive food products.

In order to become a top player in food industries in emerging markets, Orascom Investment Holding plans to expand its presence across geographies with a variety of food products. Orascom Investment Holding is dedicated to identifying promising projects across different countries within this sector.


Orascom Investment Holding aims to capitalize on the relatively low production cost structure in Egypt, particularly after the recent devaluation of the Egyptian Pound, to locally produce food products comparative in quality to European and American standards at competitive prices. These products will target to satisfy a large demand for high quality food products in Egypt as well as other African and emerging markets, which are currently dependent on imported products mainly from Europe and the US.