Cultural Development

Orascom Investment Holding is transforming visitors’ experiences at historical sites and cultural venues

Planning to start its engagement in this sector by focusing on the Giza Pyramids plateau, Orascom Investment Holding intends to create a globally-inspiring, innovative, and integrated destination that will encapsulate the entire Giza Plateau with top-end amenities and overwhelming human experiences that are truly fit for the magnitude and legacy of the Pyramids. From the moment visitors set foot into the Pyramids of Giza Plateau site, the purpose is to overwhelm and fascinate them throughout an entire spectrum of amenities and conveniences.

Through first-class visitor services and amenities coupled with state of the art technologies and site management systems, Orascom Investment Holding is set to develop archeological sites and transform their visitors’ experiences attracting the world’s attention to the magnificent antiquities and great civilization of Egypt to position it in the focal point of world tourism where it deserves to be.


With the exponential growth that the tourism sector has witnessed over the past few years and the job opportunities it has created with it, Orascom Investment Holding believes in the power of the industry to revive the Egyptian economy. Orascom Investment Holding aims to transform visitors’ experiences at historical sites and cultural venues, turning them into entertainment havens. Leveraging Egypt’s wealth of historical and archaeological sites, Orascom Investment Holding has an ambitious plan to lead in this domain through introducing first-class hospitality and visitor services, cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art management and operational models.